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I call this page "Oddly Prompted" because it contains a list of odd prompts.

The prompts are generated by randomly selecting a story type, genre, occupation, scene location and scene prop. I throw them together into a sentence and voilĂ !

Here is a list from the odd prompt generator.

Click here to see the source of the prompts and to suggest your own elements.

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8/30/2020Write a Action-Adventure piece about an archivist who bunts a baseball. At some point, the archivist must appear in a laboratory and encounter a ladder (not necessarily at the same time).

8/30/2020Write a Action-Adventure piece about a cement mason who coaches a little league team. At some point, the cement mason must appear in a fish market and encounter an oil paint (not necessarily at the same time).

8/14/2020Write a Detective piece about a sales assistant who starts a band. At some point, the sales assistant must appear in an operating room and encounter scissors (not necessarily at the same time).

8/2/2020Write a Romance piece about a football coach who catches a fly ball. At some point, the football coach must appear in a workstation and encounter a polymer clay (not necessarily at the same time).

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