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One of my favorite word games is Wordscapes by PeopleFun. All of the words for a given level are from a common set of three to seven letters. Some of the words, when combined, were pretty funny and I thought they'd go great in a story.

So, I created this page to do something similar. A random set of letters are picked, as well as a maximum word length. Then, up to ten words (with a minumum of five) are selected and displayed.

Here is a list of words to use in a story.

Generate a new list
Feel free to modify these words, where appropriate, as follows:
  • Plural e.g.: book to books; buggy to buggies; ebb to ebbed
  • Past Tense e.g.: wash to washed; pity to pitied
  • Verb e.g.: say to saying
  • Adverb e.g.: mad to madly
  • Verb to Noun e.g.: rake to raker (one who rakes); print to printer (a device that prints)
  • Superlative e.g.: warm to warmer or warmest; cozy to cozier or coziest
  • Relating To e.g.: comic to comedic or comical
  • Other Suffixes e.g.: need to needless; well to wellness
  • Name e.g.: Earl, Holly, Mark, Peter, Sue
  • Any other valid modification of the word
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