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Intro to Jet and Access

If you're programming database applications with Visual Basic, its likely you'll be using the built-in Jet database engine which Visual Basic shares with Microsoft® Access. Read on to learn some of the basics of what this powerful tool can do for you, and why you should be using Access as a programming tool for database applications.


The rest of this area assumes that you will be using DAO and unbound controls for data access. If you are using the data control exclusively, some of the objects and techniques will be unavailable or not applicable. For a further explanation of why you should avoid the data control and use DAO, visit the Unbound Controls section of my Optimizing Database Applications page.

I've divided the material here into two pages:

Web Page Jet Data Access Objects
An introduction to the Jet database engine and the Data Access Object heirarchy.
Web Page Using Access as a Programming Tool
Microsoft® Access may be the most powerful add-on tool available for Visual Basic programming. Learn what it can do to make building database applications easier for you.

You may want to visit my Relational Database Model or Database Design Fundamentals pages if you need an introduction to the basics. If you're working with secured databases, you may also wish to visit my Understanding Jet Security page.

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