Your final grade in this course will be determined by the following:
1. Programming Assignments 50%
2. Two Essay Exams 30%
3. Participation/Discussion 20%

Programming Assignments will be compiled and tested on my computer. Also, they will be graded based on adherence to Coding Standards.

Essay Exams will be graded based on content, spelling, and grammar. For more detail, read this bulletin.

Participation/Discussion will be graded based on quality and quantity.

Qualitative Portion (50%, or 10% of total grade)

Each response in a discussion will receive a score of:

The scores will be averaged as your Qualitative Portion.

Quantitative Portion  (50%, or 10% of total grade)

I will do a statistical analysis on the count of responses.  All student count of responses will be normalized onto a Standard Normal Distribution.  Outliers (excessive responders and infrequent responders) will be removed from the analysis.  Each students count of response will receive a score of:

This score will be your Quantitative Portion.

The raw Qualitative and Quantitative scores will be averaged and divided by 6 to obtain your grade.