I realize this is not an English class, but doing exams on-line is a tricky matter. Therefore, exams are graded as if this were an English class. I apologize if this upsets anyone, but it is clearly stated that you will be graded in this manner for the essay exams. Also, success in the workplace relies on effective communication; therefore, I can justify my methods.

Before you panic - I am VERY open-minded. If it is clear to me that you know and believe what you are arguing, you will receive a decent grade whether I agree or not.

You can view a simple example of a 5-paragraph essay here.

Grades are calculated based on the following four factors:

Content Up to 50 points are awarded based on how well I felt you researched your subject.
Style Up to 50 points are awarded based on how well the 5-paragraph format was followed, and how well you supported your argument.
Spelling 1 point is deducted for each spelling error. Naturally, I ignore any valid names or abbreviations that, for some strange reason, are not in my dictionary. Microsoft Word 2000 is used in evaluating spelling errors.
Grammar 1 point is deducted for each grammar error. Microsoft Word 2000 and my own good sense are used in evaluating grammar errors.
If anyone is interested in a marked-up copy of their essay, complete with my grammatical suggestions, send me an email.