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I wrote this game back in April of 1999 using Java. You'll find links to the source code at the bottom of the page.

The animated GIF was created with the "GIF Construction Set" by Alchemy Mindworks. This program is one of the very earliest of it's kind.
Object of the Game Java WordFind! randomly selects six Java Keywords from a list of fifty and hides them on the board. The object of the game is to find all six objects.
The Screen The screen consists of two main areas:
  1. Game Control (left side)

  2. Playing Field (right side)
The Game Control Area The Game Control Area is the top row of controls above the Game Cards, and contains the following:
  1. A "Reset" button to start the game over. The caption will change to "You WIN!!" when you have found all the objects.

  2. An "Objects to Find" section. This is a listbox with the Java keywords to be found. Click on one of the items in the list.

  3. An "Objects Found" section. This is a listbox with the Java keywords that have been found.
The Playing Field This section is where the objects are hidden. Simply click once on the first letter of the keyword selected in the listbox.
The Source Code There are three .txt files used by this game:
  1. pnlBingoSquare.txt
    This class extends Panel and handles painting the letter and the appropriate colored circle.

  2. WordList.txt
    This class simply contains the array of 50 words to choose from. I put this in a separate class so that it would be easy to swap out the words.

  3. WordFindApplet.txt
    This class extends Applet and manages the game.


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