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ZoneAlarm Version 7.0.337.000

Company Zonelabs, Inc.


Product Details Refer to the website for details.

For the casual user, the primary differences between ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro is that the Pro version provides excellent ad blocking and cookie protection capabilities.

Installation I use the default settings for installation.

After installation, and you run the program for the first time, I make the following choices:

  1. "Review Alert Settings": Don't alert me at all - protect my computer silently.
  2. "Secure Programs": Yes (let ZoneAlarm pre-configure access permission).
  3. "eBay Fraud Protection": As you choose.
  4. "Congratulations!": Run the tutorial if you choose.

If you have ZoneAlarm Pro, configure cookie protection so that "third-party" cookies are not allowed.

Maintenance The most confusing part to people is the ZoneAlarm alert.  An alert happens when a program on your computer  tries to connect to the Internet, or when someone on the Internet tries to connect to your computer.

Treat an alert the same way you would treat an email attachment. Read the alert carefully. DO NOT allow access to your computer or the Internet unless you know for sure what is happening.

If a new program attempts to access the Internet, you will get an alert from ZoneAlarm.

Your options are:

  1. Let ZoneAlarm remember your answer by checking the box next to "Remember this answer...". Choose this if you are certain about the permission you want to assign to the application,
  2. Allow access by clicking "yes". Choose this if you know the application should be accessing the Internet.
  3. Disallow by clicking "no". Choose this if you know the application should not be accessing the Internet.

Note: Many applications will trigger two or more ZoneAlarm alerts the first time they are run.

  • If you install a new application, run it immediately and say "YES" to the alerts, making sure to check the "Remember this answer..." option.
  • If you get an alert and have not installed a new application, say "NO" to the alert. Most likely, it is an application installed without your knowledge.


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