Your Website in the Browser

Open your browser and type "" or "http://localhost" in the Address/Location bar, then press ENTER. This will load your homepage in the browser. The homepage will be the default page (usually "default.htm" or "default.asp") located in the "c:\inetpub\wwwroot" folder.

"" is the loop-back IP address assigned to every computer running a web server.

"localhost" is the name assigned to the loop-back IP address.

Another example: The IP address for the website name "" is "".

You can create additional folders and add additional HTML pages in the "wwwroot" folder. The folder and page names become part of the URL. Take a look at this example:


On my computer, I created a sub-folder called "courses" under "c:\inetpub\wwwroot". Under "courses", I created another folder called "JobPathWebClass". Inside that folder, I placed a page called "Lecture011.html". The physical path to the page is:


The sub-folders and pages are automatically a part of the local website.

Note: This website is NOT viewable to anyone else on the Internet, because it is not a part of the Internet.