This will execute code while the condition is true.

Identify the three basic parts in the loops below:

  1. initialize
  2. test
  3. increment/decrement
Dim intLoop as Integer
Dim intTriangle as Integer
Dim intFactorial as Integer

intLoop = 1
While intLoop <= 10
	intLoop = intLoop + 1

intLoop = 1
While intLoop <= intNumber
	'this loop will calculate the triangle value of a number
	' and the factorial value of a number
	intTriangle = intTriangle + intLoop
	intFactorial =intFactorial * intLoop
	intLoop = intLoop + 1
The examples above are very similar to a For-Next loop, so there is no real advantage to using it. The real power of a While-Wend loop is when you don't know when the condition will be met. For example, if you are reading lines of text from a file, you don't know in advance how many lines you will read until you reach the end of the file. So, instead you test for the end of file marker:

While Not EOF(1)
	' read a line from the file
Our test is for when we reach the end of the file, that's what EOF means.