Recordset Object

A Recordset object is used for holding records. The records can be all records from a table, or records returned from an SQL SELECT query.

The Open method of the Recordset usually uses the following parameters:

Source The name of the table or SELECT query, or an SQL SELECT statement
Active Connection A connection object
Cursor Type Basically, how you will view the records, and what you can do with them.
  • Can you move backward and forward, or forward only?
  • Can you see any changes made by concurrent users?
Cursor Location Is the cursor created on the client machine or the server machine?
Lock Type Is the data read-only?

If not, how will you protect your data from concurrent changes by other users?

Options What form is the source in?
  • a table name
  • a query name
  • an SQL statement

Methods for moving through a Recordset:

Move <count>

Properties of Recordsets:

BOF Beginning of File Is the cursor positioned before the first record?
EOF End of File Is the cursor positioned after the last record?
Bookmark   Marks a particular record so it can be found again easily and set as the current record.

Creating a Recordset:

ASP Dim objRS

Set objRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

VB Dim objRS As ADODB.Recordset

Set objRS = New ADODB.Recordset

VB .Net Dim objRS As New ADODB.Recordset