Response Object

What Is It?

The Response object is primarily the HTML page being returned to the browser.

The page is sent back as an HTML Output Stream. HTML because it is a web page. Output because it is being sent out from the server. Stream because any flow of data is conceptualized as a stream of bytes moving from one location to another, whether it is server-to-browser or memory-to-disk or any other process.

Some Common Methods


This is actually a True/False property.

When True (default), the server stores the stream in memory until it reaches a certain size, then sends the memory contents to the browser (like transferring a pile of dirt from one spot to another using a shovel) and empties the buffer.

When False, the data is sent immediately to the browser as it is written.

	Response.Buffer = False


Sends any data currently waiting to be sent, and empties the buffer.



Empties the buffer without sending the data.



Stops the response process. The HTML page to be sent is considered complete.



Points to a different page or website to be returned to the browser.

	Response.Redirect ""