Create a Java class file with the appropriate private properties and associated setter and getter methods, just as you did for the VB Class.

However, in order for your JSP pages to find the class, it needs to be part of a package.

I named my package "cis237".

At the top of my file is the statement "package cis237;".  This identifies that class as part of the package.

After I compile the file, the class file must be placed in a sub-folder called "cis237" (the name of the package).

Create a sub-folder using the name of your package under your current working folder for the servlet java class file.  Also create a sub-folder using the name of your package under the "WEB-INF\classes" folder in your Tomcat directory.  Copy the class file into both directories.

Also, when ever you declare and/or instantiate a copy of the class, make sure to prefix the class name with the package name:
cis237.Address address = new cis237.Address();
] The code for my JavaBean can be viewed here: