This is much simpler than it used to be!!

First, point your browser here and follow the directions.  Before you close the "http.conf" file, though, add the following line at the bottom:
] WebAppDeploy cis237 warpConnection /cis237 [
] This line will tell Apache where to go for the JSP's we'll be creating. Next, we need to define an application for this course that you are taking. We'll call it cis237. Open the "server.xml" file in the "Apache Tomcat 4.0\conf" directory with a TEXT editor. Locate the line that says "". Make a copy of that line and the two lines below it. The next two lines start with "". In the new copy, change the word "Manager" to "cis237". NOTE: This is CASE-SENSITIVE. Save and close the file. Open Windows Explorer and add a directory called "cis237" to the "Apache Tomcat 4.0\webapps" folder.