Apache comes pre-configured and ready to run.

Except, if you've already got PWS or IIS, you're going to have a conflict.

Server listen on ports.  The default port for a webserver is 80.  Naturally, any webserver will set itself up to listen on that port when installed.  Since we can't have two servers listening on the same port, we need to change one.  It is much easier to change the port for Apache than it is for PWS.

Locate the "httpd.conf" file in the "C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache\conf" directory, assuming you accepted the default installation setting.

Open the file in a TEXT editor.  Search for "Port 80".  Port is the directive, 80 is the port it will listen on.  Change the 80 to some other number larger than 1024.  Common numbers to choose are 8000 or 8080.  I would suggest NOT using 8080, because this is the default port that Tomcat, when we install it, will want to use.

Save the file.