Here's what we're going to do:

Create a VB procedure for each of your HTML forms.
Each procedure contains the code to do the work it's supposed to do.
When the VB procedure is working, translate the code to an ASP page.
Send me the ASP pages.
When I test the ASP pages, I will record each error, and send suggestions back for correcting.

I created two projects in VB: an IIS Project and a Standard EXE.

The IIS Project (CIS237.vbp) contains direct conversion of the code from the ASP pages. It is easier to see from this project how to convert from VB as ASP.

The Standard EXE (CIS237B.vbp) will work against an MS Access database.

There is a huge difference between the two, but hopefully because the code is doing essentially the same thing it will be easy to translate from the Standard EXE to straight ASP, using the IIS Project as a bridge.

You can download the zip file from the webiste. The name of the file is, and is located at