This page displays the details for a particular item the user select from the list page.  The AddressID is passed to this page from the list page.

Take a look at the source for the View Detail example page.  Look for the hidden field in the form.  The AddressID is stored here so that it can be passed to the Edit Details page.

Notice that the example page displays all values simply as text.  This makes the data read-only, the user cannot change the data using this page.  A button at the bottom of the page will take them to the Edit Details page.

For your homework, you will only need to create a table using dummy data to show the details in the table data cells so that we can know what it will look like.  You will want to make sure that any form field names match the field names in the table of the database.  This will make coding and maintenance much easier.

We will take care of the code that actually retrieves the data in a later lecture.