The following doesn't really apply because I've extracted everything from Lotus Notes and have since re-worked it so it looks right. I leave it here simply out of posterity.
I am a web programmer be profession. This has actually been to my detriment whilst creating this course. The reason being that Lotus Notes is used, with a moderately well-designed template, for creating the web content of a course.

I say " moderately well-designed" because the template is an excellent tool that provides a standard look-and-feel (very important in web design) and makes it easy for people not savvy to web design.

Being a professional web designer, I had in my mind a certain look for the code embedded in the content, and the ability to open a new browser window for the many reference links.

Well, I wasn't entirely successful at integrating my thoughts into the pages. As a result, they may look a bit out of whack. Also, the many embedded reference links won't open in their own window.

The link problem can be resolved with a neat trick that I often use: if you right-click on the link, a pop-up menu gives you the option of openning the link in a new window.