An Item with 5 Properties

Assignment #1
Due: 2/4/2002
Points: 10

Select any class of items.  It can be something you collect.  It can be movies, music, sports, anything.

Each item in the class automatically gets an ID number.

Each item in the class, or collection, must be name-able.

Come up with three ways to describe an item in the class (collection) - size, shape, color, format, ranking, etc.

Submit the name of the class and its' properties in the following format (I'm using an Address as an example):


ID Property is: AddressID
Name Property is: AddressName
Property 3 is: AddressLine1
Property 4 is: AddressLine2
Property 5 is: ZipCode

Follow standard variable naming conventions for the name of the class.

Handwritten work WILL NOT be accepted.