Homework Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines:

  1. Properly commented
  2. Lines should never wrap when printed.  Pay close attention to the lengths of your lines.
  3. Include name and assignment number on each
  4. Each file uniquely and appropriately named
  5. DO NOT submit .class files
  6. DO NOT staple multiple assignments together

How to Indicate Assignment Number

Correct: Assignment #3  
Incorrect: Assignment #: 3 Do not put a colon after the pound sign
Assignment #03, due February 11, 2002 Do not include anything after the assignment number
assign #3 Spell out the word "Assignment"

Submitting by Disk:

  1. Currently due assignments only
  2. Files must be in root directory

Submitting by E-Mail:

  1. Submit ONLY to sccc@webxperqs.com

Symbols on Your Homework

-> Indent this line
->| Indent these lines
<- Outdent this line
<-| Outdent these lines
> Add blank line(s)
x Unecessary line(s)